A Toast To Thanksgiving!

Fall Truffle Season 
It’s Truffle Season! In the Northern Hemisphere, gourmands are rejoicing that truffle season has come around again.  You can see truffles used in pastas, egg dishes and even cocktails so we thought why not give it a try with pisco. In our Macchu Pisco test kitchen we came up with a couple of concoctions.The first one is a White Truffle Pisco Sour.  If you are going to go on the decadent side then this cocktail is the way to go.
For prep, place a white truffle is an enclosed case of 4 eggs for 3 days for the eggs to absorb the strong aromas of the truffle.
2 parts Macchu Pisco
1 part black truffle honey
1 part lemon juice
1 egg white from the eggs resting with the white truffle.
Shake ingredients together.  Serves 4.
For a more economical option, you can try the Peruvian version of the Manhattan cocktail,
El Capitan by adding a touch of black truffle oil.
 1 part Macchu Pisco
1 part red or white vermouth
1/4 teaspoon of black truffle oil
 Add a couple dashes of bitters.  Cheers!