A Vineyard Setting Makes a Fabulous Venue for Weddings and Special Occasions

A Vineyard Setting Makes a Fabulous Venue for Weddings and Special Occasions

What could make it more special than a setting in a vineyard catering  especially for weddings?

You can be guaranteed that the setting will be impeccable with meticulously  presented grounds and well-groomed lawns – the perfect setting just waiting for  the bride to make her entry on the rolled carpet complementing beautifully with  the lush lawn with the guests seated on both sides of her.

Choosing a vineyard for your wedding adds another dimension to that special  day!

This type of event setting is also very suitable for party packages of all  sizes for any type of event, not just weddings.

Why not choose to have your company meetings or end of year party at a  vineyard for something elegant and different?  Once again you be confident the  staff will be professional and courteous throughout the event.  Service will be  top class and your employees and guests will have a fine selection of beverages  and food available at all times.

Your son could be entering his Bar Mitzvah this spring and a celebration is  expected by everyone!

Let the young man and his friends find room to still be young at heart while  learning to be a young adult at the same time with a venue befitting the  occasion.

A vineyard setting will provide the space for guests to enjoy themselves  while the parents enjoy the beauty and elegance of the manicured property.  A  formal look with the feel of cozy comfort in a vineyard is the perfect setting  for a Bar Mitzvah..

If your new grandchild is being christened, invite the family and friends to  an afternoon of refreshments and mingling at an established vineyard setting to  make it really special.  The younger children will have room to play and romp  while the adults chat, mingle and enjoy each other’s company.

You can even create a mouth-watering menu from a wide selection of foods to  make your guests feel relaxed and you can bask in the glory of your grandchild’s  christening celebration knowing everything is being looked after and everyone is  happy.

Yes, you can host the events and receptions at your home, but why?  Or rent a  conference room in a hotel.

Or you can hire the professionals to treat your guests and leave them with a  memory that will last forever as they enjoy the wide open spaces, beautiful  gardens, professional, friendly staff to cater and wait on each guest’s  needs.

Nothing to clean up afterwards and you can leave with the memory of an  occasion celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed at a professional events  venue.

Markovina Estate’s experienced and flexible management have met and exceeded  hundreds of couples individual needs and expectations since 1969 and is  considered one of the best Auckland Wedding Venues.

We take pride in ensuring that each and every wedding reception we hold is as  special for us as it is for you. Our venue is specifically designed with the  flexibility to cater for groups of all sizes to ensure you day is intimate and  the experience we create for you is unique.

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