Guy Fieri

Chef Spotlight – Guy Fieri

Chefs not only add flavor to the food they cook, but also mix the required  quantity of professionalism into the food culture. In a professional kitchen  setting, the term ‘chef’ denotes the executive chef or master chef who spreads  the magic taste of kitchen to the outside world. Guy Ramsay Ferry or Guy Fieri  as is he popularly known is one such chef who has been able to devise an  altogether different recipe of food culture.

Guy Fieri never limited himself to just cooking and he is lot more than this.  He is a TV personality and an author of many recipe books. After earning a  Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management from University of Nevada,  Las Vegas in 1990, Fieri could develop his own innovative world of food science  coupled with creativity. No wonder, his Chef personality is well acknowledged in  US and abroad through his cookery shows alone!

Since awards and recognitions have always been on his favor, he could shape  his own good will and reputation among the masses. Through his shows, Guy Fieri  has been able to successfully broadcast his style of cooking. ‘Guy’s Big Bite’,  ‘Diners, Drive ins and Dives’, ‘Ultimate Recipe Showdown’ which he co-hosted  with Mark Summers are some of his popular TV shows. His way of presentation,  bleached bond spiky hair have added much color to a Chef’s physique and in this  way, he has proved that Chef’s personal zeal is equally important as his cooking  excellence.

With restaurants being the very stage of food experiments, Guy has been able  to advertise his very concept of restaurants. Guy’s restaurants are located in  Santa Rosa, Windsor and Sacramento. His restaurant service mix is so broad a  concept where customers can buy many fun products from T-shirts, squeeze bottles  and aprons to hats and more. This depicts the uniqueness and style of his  restaurants as well as his efficiency and experience in Restaurant Management.  Chefs are those who would make others follow them at least in diet. A good chef  has no problem in prescribing a balanced and nutritious diet to his ‘disciples’.  Guy has been able to convince his admirers who watch his TV shows that his  cooking shows are worth seeing and trying. His restaurant management has made  him grow into a good recruiter and trainer for the growing chain too.

Apart from these, Guy has been able to lead many aspiring chefs and give them  timely training. Guy Fieri has been a three-term President of the Restaurant  Association of the Redwood Empire and serves on the Board of Directors for the  Educational Foundation of the California Restaurant Association and most  recently was he was Grand Marshall for NASCAR in Sonoma. Another milestone in  his life occurred when he was flown by the American Navy all the way to Persian  Gulf to entertain and cook for the troops.

Thus, Guy Fieri has been able to project himself as a celebrity-chef and a  brand ambassador of food all around the world. His professional life a master  chef is an inspiration to many who aspire to pursue a career in Hospitality  Management.

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