Cook Like the Celebrity Chefs With Secret Restaurant Recipes


Clumsy in the kitchen, that’s me. It doesn’t stop me from compulsively  watching the cooking channel, though. I watch, and look at the chefs going  through their paces, thinking it should be easy. That is until I get the  ingredient list and try and do it myself. It seems that there is always  something missing, a secret to these restaurant style recipes. Maybe I haven’t  got the right tool, or I can’t get that magic ingredient at the supermarket.  Then, I think about it some more; what I am really after is something more  familiar, like from a restaurant close by. Why don’t they ever seem to cook  those recipes? Well, of course, if you could cook them at home you wouldn’t need  to go out.

The chain restaurants all have their own signature dishes, and the way they  are prepared is shrouded in secrecy. If you were to ask the people who work in  the kitchens, they’d tell you that they don’t even know what the ingredients of  the secret sauce is, because it comes ready prepared. The owners don’t want to  give the game away.

Given that, you’d think that the recipes were hard to prepare, and in fact  that is exactly what I thought. They’d need some obscure ingredient, or even  worse, something not available in the supermarket. And then, of course, there is  the whole assembly to think of. I fully admit to my friends that I have three  favorite recipes: Add boiling water; heat in microwave or heat in oven. To say  my cooking skills are lacking is an understatement.  arturo9

The reason I’ve never been able to improve my cooking skills is lack of time.  We just won’t mention all that time spent in front of the cooking channel, since  that’s dreaming after all. The fact of the matter is that the reason I didn’t  cook more often or more complicated things was that I had convinced myself that  it would be hard. It isn’t, I just had poor instructions and wild expectations  of the tools and skills required.

A month ago I came across a recipe book called “America’s Most Wanted  Recipes”. It turned out to be a book with a whole heap of chain restaurant  recipes in it. Since it was a download, and relatively cheap, I added it to my  collection. At least it wasn’t gathering dust on the shelf like most of my other  cookbooks. I got curious and scanned through it. I was surprised at what I saw.  The recipes looked easy enough. There wasn’t anything fancy about most of  them…and then I tried Applebee’s Babyback Ribs.

I think I may have to revise my three favorite recipes. It was easy. I was  wrong and cooking is easy, especially the secret restaurant recipes. Even I  managed to do it! If you want a great cookbook, give “America’s Most Wanted  Recipes” a go, and you won’t be disappointed, even if you are like me and clumsy  in the kitchen.

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