The Road less Traveled-Abaco Island




The Abaco Islands consist of two main islands: Great Abaco and Little Abaco with the Great Abaco Island extending some 90 plus miles long, yet not more than four miles wide on average.

The Great and Little Abaco islands are accompanied by a long chain of smaller islands ringing the eastern side of Abaco Island. All of these islands together are many times referred to as “The Abacos.” All of these islands are a part of what is referred to as the “Bahamas Out Islands” or the “Family Islands.”

The Abaconians started out as ship builders and farmers living off of the sea. Tourism now accounts for a major part of their income.Sailing, fishing and diving are among some of the more popular water sports in the Abaco Islands as it is in much of the Bahamas.12161241

Abaco fishing ranges from stalking bonefish in shallow water and battling big blue Marlins offshore. Sailfish, wahoo, kingfish and tuna are popular. A number of Abaco fishing tournaments are hosted every year at the various marinas such as Treasure Cay, Marsh Harbour, Green Turtle Cay and Hope Town. Bahamas fishing permits are required and there are limits.

There are no casinos, shopping malls or amusement parks in the Abacos, but there are great places to eat and plenty of friendly people who are generally laid back.1305                                                                                   1129


The architecture in the “towns” are typically quaint, colorful and colonial. The smaller towns are built more for pedestrians and golf carts then they are for automobiles making you feel as if civilization is far away — yet it’s only a one hour flight from Fort Lauderdale.

Whether you choose to stay at one of the smaller boutique hotels or the vacation rentals and villas the Abacos has to offer, you will find most all of them have a laid back and comfortable Caribbean island feel to them.

This is the kind of place you don’t have to make plans for — here you can really relax and escape the real world on a road less traveled.

All photography by Arturo Masias of Artzphoto.com1109