Vineyard Wedding Theme


A vineyard wedding theme is a perfect choice for all the wine lovers out  there! A vineyard theme is full of romance and beauty. If you love wine, why not  use it to help celebrate your union? The gorgeous scenery alone is a perfect  match for such a special occasion.

Color Scheme                                                                                                                     

Think “wine colors”, along with the many colors of grapes and green from the  vines.

* Use the color off white to represent white wine.
* Burgundy is a good choice of color to use to mimic red wine.
* Light or pale pink to represent blush wine.
* And use both light and dark greens to accent.


* On your wedding invitations, include clusters of grapes hanging from their  vines.
* Or have the invitations shaped like a bottle of wine, making the print look  like the label of a wine bottle.


* Have your flowers in colors that wine come in. Burgundy, pink and an off  white would emulate the
colors of wine.
* Deep red, pink and white colors of roses, if your budget permits.
* Wildflowers if you having a less formal wedding will give a more relaxed  and natural feel.
* Combine the flowers with grape leaves or grape vines.


* If you have your wedding outside at a vineyard you will not need much in  the way of decorations.
Nature will take care of that for the most part.
* Have small wooden shipping crates filled with wine.
* Find some large wine barrels and place these beside entrance ways.
* Use grapevine wreaths.
* Have decorative bowls placed around the room (or as centerpieces) filled  with grapes.
* Use artificial bunches of grapes and grapevines as centerpieces with or  without candles.


* The food at the reception can be as simple as a wine tasting party with  different wines, cheeses,
and bread.
* Buffets can be good too, offering different choices on the meats,  vegetables, fruits and maybe
even some light desserts for those that don’t want  wedding cake.
* Offer different kinds of wines to go with the different meats.
* If you have a sit down dinner use a specific wine to go with each  course.
* For children, instead of wine, have fruit juice in their wine bottles.

Wedding Cake

* The wedding cake can be decorated with grapes and grapevines.
* Use sugar flowers on the cake along with grape leaves.
* Have grapevines wrapped naturally around the cake cutting table.
* Find some cute wine themed wedding cake toppers


* Wine stoppers – there are tons of different wine stopper designs  available.
* Cork shaped candles to burn in empty wine bottles.
* Corkscrew key chains.
* Decorative wine bottle openers.


* Go to wine country and get married in a vineyard for the ultimate wedding  location!

These tips and suggestions should help you with your plans to have a  memorable vineyard wedding of your own. Good luck!

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