The Road less Traveled; Eza, France

Eza, a charming medieval village is positioned between Monaco and Nice in the south of France.

eze14-001 edited downIt was once a fortified castle positioned on a bluff with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline. The castle was torn down in the 1700’s and its origins dated back to the 12th century.

What remains is a village with a series of shops, gardens and parks and all still with a fabulous view of the French Riviera. There are also historic remnants of formal settlers dating back to the Romans.

Starting at the base of the mountain there is a winding road which leads you on your path only to be accomplished by climbing a series of stone steps to the top.eze4-001 edited down

Along the way there are plenty of opportunities to stop and smell the roses.

Artisan shops are positioned throughout the journey offering handmade items for sale such as jewelry, belts, clothing, knives and one of a kind gifts all handcrafted by locals.

There are also eateries to nourish your soul, ranging from casual cafes to fine dining.

eze edited downOnce you reach the top the views are a photographers dream, from the sparkling ocean to the majestic mountains, blue sky and sweet smell of the air, it is a scenario you won’t soon forget.

The church and its clock tower are also a photo opp with antique mementos adorning the walls of the church. Here there is a lovely park like courtyard where you can rest a while. As you make your way back eze12-001edited downdown the mountain you will find outdoor vendors, one that is fascinating is a spice and salt vendor offering exotic combinations of ingredients from various parts of the world.

Once you arrive back to the base of the mountain there are still a wide array of businesses selling everything from local ceramics, fine art and fresh produce. Eze is a beautiful and scenic day trip that shouldn’t be missed when visiting the region. It takes one on a journey back in time when this road was less traveled.